Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Mail and Iraqi Update

Ok so we were just updated today that mail coming from the States will continue beyond the end of September. That means you can continue to send packages and letters to your favorite soldier(s) until further notice.

As for Iraqi Dinar, apparently I am located in a good spotsince many other soldiers I know can't get the money easily. Once again, if interested, I can get any interested party 1 million Iraqi Dinar for $775. I will buy as small amounts as 1/2 million for $400. Money up front.


Blogger Dave_NotJim said...

Dinars, to do with what?

Blogger anotherPointOfView said...

Dorman, military policy allows you to help other people make money while ocupying the country whose money is in question. Or will you be doing this in a civilian capacity? It seems some how inappropriate that outsiders will gain access to Iraqi money through a member of an invading army. But perhaps, I have miss understood this arrangement, so perhaps I could ask for clarification?

Blogger Robert Chase said...

Good question. What would the Dinars be worth?

Blogger Robert Chase said...

Have I mentioned lately, that I love you? :)

Blogger Dorman said...

Been drinking Bob?

Do the math, if dinars go to $0.01 that = $10,000

Blogger SnotSucker said...

Off the Dinar subject...watched a great show on Discovery last night "Suicide Bombers: Cult of Death"

It was done by a former CIA operative and explains the history of how these martyr's got their start and why they think the way they do. First one ever was in Iran during the Iran/Iraq war.

Blogger Robert Chase said...

Yes I have. :)

Blogger anotherPointOfView said...

Any conclusions from the show?

Blogger mattandriver said...

I so wanted to see that show but missed it. It will be on again.

Blogger mattandriver said...

Oh, and me too bob!

Blogger Crystal said...

i have some monopoly money. will that work?

if not, how about some of my student loans?

ok, fine. ill give you everything in my checking account...hahaha, all you get is transaction fees, lol.

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Crys, that was funny! Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning!

Blogger Jim said...

Dorman -- are you going to keep your blog when you return?

muaxrls<--the kind of ducks southerners shoot

Blogger Dorman said...

I hope to lead an interesting enough life to keep it going. It may turn into a dating blog ;)

I have been working on the next entry about the primary and fundamental corruption of islam. It is taking a while and I have not been in the mindset very much, but it is developing. sorry.

Blogger Jim said...

you have provided terrific insight into what is going on there, so I am anxious to hear your view on Islam

orpyus<--one of the characters in HBO's ROME

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Eh, don't believe him. He's too busy playing tiddly-winks to write a really good piece.

;) C'mon Dorman!

Blogger Crystal said...

you hit it on the nail IL, i knew it. all he does is play tiddly winks!!!


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