Friday, May 20, 2005

Iraq Video, get it and see for yourself.

Ok, no it is NOT a video along the same lines as the Priceless picture. This is a video I put together from footage I shot during our convoy to Central Iraq. As some of you know, I have volunteered to be a gunner on a convoy team. On this mission I was a TC, which is commonly known in the civilian world as "riding shotgun". I monitor radio communications. We were the last truck in the convoy, the one that gets hit most by attacks. No exciting attack footage though.

The video is encoded using Xvid, so you must have a Divx decoder present on your system or you will get a codec error when trying to view the file. I suggest using ffdshow (less than 2 Megs) since it is free and faster than any other codec. click the link to get it. Once you download the file to your computer, run it, install it using all the default settings....just keep clicking Yes and Next until it is done. Then try viewing the video again. I may make it available on DVD once I compile a few more videos, at a much higher quality of course.

Be aware that my friend's server may be offline occaisionally. If you get an error about it not being found, just try later. The file is 21 Megs. You should right-click on the link, then choose Save Link As.... Do not try to view it as a streaming video.

Thanks to Mark and Frank at for hosting the file.
On another note, May has been a very demanding month for me. I have been through a lot of personal strife, a lot of professional trials, and more than enough stress. Through it all, my true friends have shown themselves. My friends, this blog, and my new blog-friends have been the only things to keep me sane and focused through it all. I thank you all, sincerely.

This month I have done a convoy, produced a video, completed a mid-term exam and a mid-term paper for my master's degree class, managed the support shop for our unit that supports the eastern 25% of Iraq, and am preparing for another convoy within days. The drama of my personal life takes the motivation out of my day. Like we were taught in Basic Training, I just "drink water and drive on."


Blogger Crystal said...

well, i hope this blog and the connections you have and make outside of your experience can be a little h2o for ya.

saw the video, took me a while to figure out how to download it. it was really really interesting to see the kinds of things you see over there. i have no idea why you would put your life in more risk by volunteering to be a gunner person, but i guess go for it, if you feel called to do so. on the movie-my fav part is a toss up btwn the "cow" and the "no hands" lol.

moving on...its good to hear more about your own should work on keeping that in focus, not getting too wrapped up in something where you could lose yourself, mentally. though i dont think you are, i just thought i should say that. anyways, stay safe. crys

ps-is dorman your last name?

Blogger Dorman said...

yep, Dorman is my Army-issued name.

Blogger Super Quad said...

Hell... I thought Dorman WAS your last name. (At Least it Was in 5th Grade Camp) Have you been lying to me all this time??? ;)

Blogger Jim said...

double hell! I thought "Dorman" was a place in Iraq -- well, it does say "Dorman, Iraq" -- your friend Carnealian included a link to your videos in a comment this morning, I have downloaded both but only viewed the first so far -- WOW! -- it don't look that bleak on the Nightly News! -- thanks -- Jim

ps -- I also added a link to your blog

Blogger yale said...

lucky road trip dudes!
wish u best possible"lucky"time there!

but what i need to ask u is what band plays that song in the up linked video.

a perfect circle or the tool band

have they a new album? because i never hear that song.

best wishes from yale


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