Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bang Your Head!

It is 5am here and the local mosque is blaring the 'call for prayers'. No wonder these people are always pissed off.


Blogger mattandriver said...

Wow! I can remember the same 15 years ago. WOW. That is a weird memory.
Wow, I cannot stop saying wow! This has somehow hit a verve. It is like smelling something and getting a memory from it. Holly S**t!

Blogger mattandriver said...


Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Somebody needs to go pray...they had too much "WOW".

Blogger Crystal said... unnecesary self-inflicted bruising!

its just prayer ;)

but 5am is pretty


Blogger Carnealian said...

Yea, not only do they need to pray by 5 but they also have purification rituals prior to prayer. That's a long damn day considering last prayer is after sunset. Hmmm, I think I'll go back to bed on that note!

Blogger Dorman said...

wow....I gotsome more info to educate you all with soon enough about Islam corrwect I have been about the foundations thereof. More to come on that topic, soon.

Wow. (look I spelled it backwards!)

Blogger Dorman said...

damn Haji keyboard. I need to check my spelling more carefully.

Blogger mattandriver said...

I was in the Navy during the Gulf War. I was spoiled by spending much of my 9 month tour on board a ship, but I also spent 3 weeks with a marine battalion on sandbag detail. MRE's suck.

I watched a few scud missiles come within a mile or to of us. That that is hard to forget.

I had an overdose of wow last night.

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Be sure to include the origin of the information you received Dorman, so I can properly do my research to debunk your theory and properly re-educate you. :P

Blogger Crystal said...

oh no, is it starting again? im joining forces with interstellar.

what happened to your old subtitle..."i can win an argument..." ? got tired of it i guess

Blogger Dorman said...

I get tired of people not realizing that I really am always right before I even speak on a topic.


Blogger InterstellarLass said...

The day you admit you have met your match is the first day that you will truly be right.


Blogger Crystal said...

hmmm. i was hoping you had realized how arrogant and absurd it was to believe it was true :D

Blogger Dorman said...

not either since I possess what you all apparently do not...... reference material as proof :)

so there. nyah!

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Anytime you include 'so there' in your arguement, you automatically lose.

Oh, and I believe it's 'nanner nanner nanner' with thumbs in your ears and fingers wiggling. :O)

Blogger mattandriver said...

Oh brother.

Blogger LL said...

Hey, Dorman, nice to see you bouncing back a little. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello. Catch you on the other side.

Blogger Crystal said...

there is proof, for both sides. and no one is ever 100% right.

i just dont have time to look it all up dude. but if that is what it takes...


Blogger mattandriver said...

I'll sit back and Google everything you two fight about. :-)

Blogger SnotSucker said...

I think I'll be sitting this one out and watching from afar.

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

No one said anyone is fighting. :P I just can't wait to see what Dorman has to say so I can provide a rebuttal. Healthy debate. That's all.

Blogger anotherPointOfView said...

Dorman, glad to hear your out and about. They, say if you don't like the prayers, you can always go home. No one invited you there :).

Blogger Dorman said...

Be glad to remove myself from here....would promote their sovereignty (like how I tied that in?)

Blogger anotherPointOfView said...

Dorman, Didn't quite get the last one, but that's ok, my general impression is that you don't want to be there. It's unfortunate, that so much self sacrifice has been put to such ill. Do, you get to interact with Sunnis or Shiites, both? I have heard that the Sunnis have reject the existing constitutional drafts. Even after a referundem, it sounds as if this constitution will fuel further tensions, between the Sunnis and the Shiites and the Kurds. Though, I have hurd that even amongst the Shiites there is dissension, with the Sadr being a notable wild card. Then, there is Iran, which has already begun to strengthen ties with the Prime Minister of Iraq al-Jaafari. So even if peace is ever restored in Iraq, it will probably, in the end, manifest iteslf in terms of a close alliance with Iran. So, it seems if the invasion in Iraq was supposed to have a moderating effect in the rise of Islam, just the opposite has begun. Rather, at Shiite Islam, in Iraq has been freed from Saddam's oppresion. It is irony, yes, that while you object to Islam, your very presence in Iraq, promotes it.

Blogger Crystal said...

hehe, apov is asking for it, i see.

Blogger anotherPointOfView said...

Crys, your probably right :) ( I am bad hee hee). Dorman, by now I hope your not taking these things personally. You, seem like a good guy, and that smile in your picture tells me, you can take as good as you can give. I gotta admit, it's hard not to say what's hanging out there. Hopefully, it gives, you a something to balance off of in contrast to all the x's and o's you get around around hear. 'nothing, wrong with that, though, your perspective, on other things, is always welcomed. - apov


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