Thursday, July 28, 2005

What's In a Name?

Ok, a little humor to hold us over. I come in contact with many many people on a daily basis. Because of that, I can't help but notice interesting names as I come across them. I fall into that category, too, since while on headcount detail 2 soldiers noticed my name as I sat near the door counting people. Clever folks, nonetheless, but good for a quick chuckle. I thought I would share just a few interesting names that I have come across. These are real names. Honest.

1. SPC Lovelady - a man. not very poignant in its humor but interesting.
2. PFC Begay - I hope that's not an order. No relation to #3.
3. Chief Buttram - no kidding. I am sure he pronounces it "Buh - trum".
4. CPT Kirk - I wouldn't lie. Tell me he's not sick of the reference by now.

and lastly, the name that motivated me for this post. I just saw tonight at supper in the DFAC. It says it all....

5. SGT Darnbush - there ya have it! Like you haven't said it yourself before.

Know any other real names that are this interesting? Post them please.


Blogger Carnealian said...

The obvious would be my last name and I'm so over that, I'm not even going there. Patrick had a few teachers who's names were just hilarious:

Frank Gay...his middle name is LEE and he's the football coach
but best of all was Mrs. Boob (how she made it all these years as a teacher, I'll never know!

Blogger anotherPointOfView said...

How about name combinations:


Blogger Ric said...

My son's teacher's name is Mrs. Hoar. She pronounces like boar with an H. The kids in her class are too young to understand.

Blogger justme88 said...

A friend of mine was married and her lkast name was case. They named their son Justin. I told them that was wrong!

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

My maiden name was pronounced 'hayman', but the lovely boys I went to school with mis-pronounced it as 'hymen'. Yeah, that was fun for a teenage girl. :(

Blogger prophet said...

My friends last name was holiday, he would joke that he would name his son Happy.

I like Justin Case LOL

Blogger SnotSucker said...

My fav is the NASCAR driver Dick Trickle :) (& no I don't like Nascar), I also work with a Richard Richard. Damn parents!

Blogger Carnealian said...

I always claim Drck Trickle is my favorite Nascar driver...and if I ever watch Nascar, someone please set my TV on fire!

Blogger mattandriver said...

I once had a boss who had the name Nick Charles. We called him Nick Name Nick.

Blogger Carnealian said...

I worked with a lady whose last name was Hoare...

Had a teacher, Mrs. Devore...(was a whore in room 204)

I had a friend who used to make up names to get chicks...Cravin Moorehead, Dick Gazinya, Phil McCrackin

Blogger Dorman said...

Does Dick Trickle drive the Viagra car?

Blogger SnotSucker said...

Forgot, I had a third grade teacher named Mrs Bohner, pronounced "Boner" and at that age you have no clue and a 4th grade teacher named Mrs Means!

Blogger Crystal said...

i grew up in a small news travels fast.

2nd day of school in 8th grade, we all heard that there was a new kid, named peter shaver. so everyone poked their heads out of the doors as he walked down the 8th grade hall with everyone giggling. it had to be an awful day for him. but its kinda funny and memorable. he turned out to be a fairly nice guy.

Blogger Crystal said...

oh, i also dated a guy whose last name was melester. hehe


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