Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The New Format

I woke up today.
I skipped breakfast, went to work.
Said the Pledge of Allegiance (used the word God in it), did morning briefing.
Checked email and blog. Made comments on blog.
Did work. Rested. Watched some TV news.
Saluted an Officer, stood at Parade Rest for a senior NCO.
Wrote blog entry, this one.
Recited Soldier's Creed.
Went to bed.


Blogger Crystal said...

as interesting as this post is, please don't make this new format permanent


Blogger Dorman said...

don't worry :)

Blogger Crystal said...

i thought you wanted to spark debate...i hope this isn't because of anything i have said. please remove the censored from your lips and speak your mind. i won't comment anymore if that will make you keep posting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow self loathing, too bad you guys can't do what normal people do, drink yourself happy. Nothing cures the blues like a depressant. :)

Blogger SnotSucker said...

Ok guys. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm up & running. Check out my spot. Now we'll have two places for some healthy banter!
Enjoy & remember, I'm still a blogging virgin!

Blogger Dorman said...

OK, been a long day of sitting in tuhe 110 degree sun. Plenty of time to ponder another honest question. It will be posted soon. It will not be rhetoric but another look at an American cognitive dissonance. I have no answers, as usual would appreciate input, because I can't reconcile the differring mentalities. Just wait a few more hours.

Blogger Crystal said...

Happy Memorial Day!


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