Friday, May 06, 2005


**WARNING** Do not show this to kids. This is totally tasteless and may not appeal to some people's humor.

This is a real picture and my contribution to that American institution - Priceless!! pictures. I didn't do the kill, but I know who did.

Click on the thumbnail below for the real size picture.

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Blogger SnotSucker said...

Yay, that's great! Now you're making my kinda blog!

Blogger Robert Chase said...

Knew you'd like it joel, you sick fuck! :D That is pretty funny though. was he running away with his hand in his pants, trying to get one last jerk on?

Blogger Saije said...

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Blogger Crystal said...

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Blogger Crystal said...

how can you say that? that is the most horrible picture ever. i know joking and making fun of the situation in which you are currently in helps make the situation lighter, but i am sorry, this is just not funny to me. its sad. its despicable, and i dont know why you would label it "priceless" as if any person's life wasnt priceless. i know, you probably think that i dont know what i am talking about, because i am not there, im not seeing the tragedy you are experiencing first hand, but please dont let what you are going through kill your own ability to feel compassion for others...i never thought this when reading your previous blogs. but even if he was a bad person, his life was not a joke, and needs to be understood to prevent the many innocent people who are caught in the middle of this from suffering the way he did. im not trying to offend you, that is not my goal. i am just trying to understand why anyone could find amusement in looking at this pic, taking this pic, and participating in the degradation of this person's life and death.

Blogger Dorman said...

Crys, you are very right in many ways. Sometimes we all need something shocking and over-the-top to get us to think about our stances on the issues we become complacent on. This person was not Iraqi. Let's get that straight from the start. Many or most of the insurgents aren't local natives, they are Syrians or other neighbors, not fighting for homeland pride. This person came to ambush our troops, my friends, and had the site ready for their ultimate deaths. I find any mindset; whether a religion or political persuasion, incredibly heinous if a human being can psych themselves up to do something like this to themselves. In this particular situation, they ambushed us after getting washed and perfumed. The ambush ws a cowardly attack meant, in my opinion, to promote sympathy for their terminal cause. Or they just wanted a fast ticket to Allah. I find Islam ridiculous, the whole thing. My intent is to show that point of view to any person who still thinks that "Islam is a peaceful religion". This is what Islam can get you.

Thank you very much for your comments. I was hoping to start more dialog in the blog and I appreciate all your entries. I hope this entry won't deter you in the future.


Blogger Saije said...

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Blogger Crystal said...

thank you for taking the time to answer me. im glad to know your thoughts and more of the background information concerning this picture, and it made me feel a little better about where you are coming from. i still dont think that the joke is any less heinous because he is not an iraqi. also, some might be fighting in the name of religion, fighting their jihad, but not all islamic people feel this way. you are not fighting all of islam here, if you were, it would be a losing battle.

on another note, yes i could have clicked passed this blog, but trying to get a better understanding of the situation in iraq from someone who is there experiencing the problems, the culture, and the danger seems to be a better source of info than most new articles. i have a couple of friends who have done tours in iraq, a marine, and an army ranger, and their first hand accounts and view points help people see both the reasons we are there, and the physical and mental devastation that violence causes. i wish you all the best, god bless.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd prefer to die by a run away semi driven by the Incredible Hulk.


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