Thursday, April 21, 2005

Philosophy 101

Anyone that has been in contact with me knows that I have been sitting, relatively patiently, for a helicopter flight to another base. It has been essentially 2 weeks of living with my rucksack packed. So I sit and talk to people.

"Ummmm MMmm mmmmm Ymmmmmm, ya want some? Mmmm, Ymmm"
"No thanks.....what is it anyway?", says I.
"Mmmmmmmm Ummmmmm, raisins...MMMm..Chocolate covered raisins."
"Man, how do you know ants didn't get in there and covered with chocolate?"
"Yummmmmmm, mmmmmm. Don't care, as long as they taste like chocolate. Mmmmmm, Ummmm.", said the wise philosopher unto his awe-struck student.


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