Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Seinfeldian Moment

Let me paint the picture....
I decide to shower today, so I walked over to the shower trailer. I walk inside and it is completely empty, 10 showers along the on wall. I chose #8. Before I shower, I typically shave my head. Why I shave it is a different story (no I am not close to being bald). So I turned 180 degrees to start shaving at the sink. Now here's where it gets curious.

Moments after applying the shaving cream, another guy walks in, walks right up to where I am standing, turns and puts his towel over the rung on shower #7. OK. I stood there wondering why in the hell any guy would break the unwritten rule of nature. For you women, us guys don't pee in the urinal next to another guy unless the rest are all used. But this guy has a choice of 9 other showers, 6 acceptable ones really.

Playing it cool, I decided to just take my time shaving my head,maybe he'll get done and leave. 3 minutes later, another guy walks in. Guess what, right to shower #10. Now my end of the trailer is getting crowded. Is it my natural unshowered musk? I won't ask, hopefully they won't tell. I kept slowly shaving my head. After a while, my strategy worked as both guys left.


Blogger Robert Chase said...


And you thought Clinton was a bad pres. See, now you'll never know if they liked you or just felt safe with some company ;)

Maybe you have a couple of new admirers?

Blogger mattandriver said...

Just be glad you were not on a ship with another 100 of those same guys!

Blogger Robert Chase said...

Yes, I heard that being on a ship out at sea makes for a VERY lonely time.

Blogger SnotSucker said...

Maybe they thought you had a "perty mouth" :)

Blogger Dorman said...

Well, we do have a unit from TN and TX here....

(no offense to southerners, but the only way a redneck would be offended is if a Yankee was reading this to them) :)

Blogger Crystal said...

what the heck is that reference about southerners supposed to mean?? are you saying that since you are from the south you can talk shit about your own...?

and yeah, i think girls would do the same thing. we dont naturally tend to bathe or use the facilities right next to eachother if we have other options. did you check to see if something was wrong with the other stalls? maybe they knew something you didnt. or maybe this was my attempt to rationalize an irrational situation.

i have this scene from mash playing in my the stalls look like that??

lastly-why do you shave your head?

Blogger Dorman said...

always can get a rise out of you Crys. I put that southern reference in for you to see if you were still paying attention ;)

I shave my head in rememberance of the family and friends I left behind. Plus it is cleaner than having dust caked in your hair. Keeps me focused on the fact I am not here to look pretty, like some, I am here to work.

Blogger Crystal said...

i knew it

Blogger silverpocket said...

They just thought you were a magnificent MAN

Blogger silverpocket said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger silverpocket said...

Its A Long Way from St Michaels and CYO b-ball. Just keep your eyes open and your head down.

Blogger Dorman said...

So last night, as I again was shaving my head, this guy actually comes and TAKES the shower stall I had my towel and stuff already hanging at. Couldn't believe it.

Blogger Crystal said...

haha, thats funny. sounds like some kind of masculine dilemma :)


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