Thursday, April 21, 2005

Anatomy 101

So there I am the other morning psyching myself up to take a PT test. I am in the zone, focused and ready to do the required excercises. My mind is clear and sharp; nothing but pushup, situps, and the run is on my mind. I am playing back each scenario over and over in my head like all successful athletes do.

Then I happened to catch sight of someone's shoes as I was milling around. It wasn't really the shoes that caught my attention, it was the abject lack of ankles that I couldn't get my mind around. Sure I've heard of women having 'Cankles' before but hardly ever get to see them this close.

In my horrid disgust, my eyes were naturally drawn upwards to find the start of her calves. But something eerily strange happened; my eyes kept rising up. That's when I realized that there was no pucker where the knees should be! For Richard Simmon's Sake man! There were no knees either, the thighs melded directly into the shoes! What I was looking at here folks was the first ever known sighting of a woman with THANKLES!

the horror.......the horror.........


Anonymous Varg said...

Thank You for your Ultimate Sacrafice defending the US.
Good Luck and may god be with you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God that is just so wrong, I better make sure all the pictures I send are from the thankls up- I'm so nervous now- Jen

Blogger Robert Chase said...


C'mon, you know you were turned on. :) Being isolated in the desert with a bunch of guys, you shouldn't look a gift"horse" in the mouth.! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Talk to you later on msn.

As always, be safe.

Blogger PhotoMom said...

Thankles? Good Lord! They let those into the military? I thought there were minimum standards to be upheld. Hahaha...


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