Friday, May 06, 2005

Runaway, farther.

Ok, she might be kooky and wrong for reporting herself as kidnapped. But can you blame Jennifer Wilbanks for trying to get away from this guy? Come on America, look at her (ignoring the persistent 'deer-in-the-headlights eyes')
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then look at him.
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You'd run too! The expression on her face in every picture of her is the same, 'Someone save me, I've been abducted by a goofy looking slob!'

I saw an interview with him on national TV in which he was sitting in his apartment in a T-shirt and boxers, the room undecorated and messy. As the interviewer is talking, I can't help but notice the clutter on the dinner table behind them with an open box of Slim Jims. Nice hair, good diet, snappy dresser, great taste in art, brilliant smile; they guy has it all. Ya, right.

Oh, and are the answers to this pseudo-drama about as obvious as the irony of Terry Schiavo? A bulimic euthanized by the removal of a feeding tube?


Blogger Robert Chase said...


Love the fact that you put the Terri Schiavo blog link on here!!!! :D

Blogger Saije said...

yeah, and she's such a winner. The woman took off for Vegas and spent the entire time there in the bus station.


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