Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blues for Allah, Part 3

This is the final installment of the report for "The Battle of Fort Sanders II".
I hope you've enjoyed and appreciated a chance to look directly in what goes on in battle, since what you get through the corporate media is far from accurate. I am hoping to be able to continue to report interesting and accurate events while I am here. I have also considered doing interviews with notable people if that idea appeals to anyone.

All IA soldiers were lined up along the road to sweep to the south west searching for remaining AIF elements. They pushed out 300-400 meters before pin-wheeling to the south and then moving east across the irrigation trench. Approximately 50 meters east of the irrigation trench, the IA soldiers came under heavy fires from the brush-line to the east causing them to retreat to the irrigation ditch. Green 6 and 7’s M1114s, behind the IA soldiers provided over-watch from the west. My team, Timberwolf Blue (LT Ruel), both Timberwolf Red elements and ODA provided over-watch from NB 077847 oriented southeast along the roadway. Warrior 6 and his security element were positioned vic NB 078846 securing the area to the southeast.

The IA soldiers moved forward again towards the brush-line. When the middle of the IA element was within 20 meters of the brush-line, small arms fire and grenades erupted from the ditches. Many of the IA soldiers turned and moved back towards irrigation trench. As night fell, those who were still in or near the brush-line on the southern end of the assault, pulled back to the irrigation trench and moved to re-consolidate at the vicinity of the M1114 vehicles.

At nightfall, one of the remaining AIF members ran from the brush-line eastwards, but was hit by my gunner who was watching the road with his NVGs. At 1930 hours, Warrior 6 still had contact with AIF in the canal system.

At 1950 hours, ODA confirms that the AC-130 has been launched to help provide over-watch. AT 2000 hours, medevac arrives for wounded IA soldiers. At 2045 hours, the defensive perimeter completed and coalition forces arranged for the night-time defensive position.

At first light 5 APR 2005, Warrior 6 and his security element swept the battle area from the southeast in a northwest direction and ODA swept the western half of the battle area from the north-west to the south-east confirming the area was clear. Captured weapons and the bodies of dead AIF were consolidated on an IA troop carrier. The area was searched for Intel. Warrior 6 departed with his COLT element to search the surrounding areas on his way back to FOB Caldwell. ODA used C4 to destroy all remaining UXOs. 1st CO and 4th CO IA with the 6/3 MiTT departed at approximately 1200 hours and traveled back up route Cowboys, then to route Taco and back to KMTB.

6th Battalion IA – 2 KIA, 14 WIA

6th Battalion MiTT – 2 KIA (SSG Dill, AST; SSG Kennedy MiTT) 2 WIA (2LT Ruel MiTT; SGT Betterton MiTT)


Blogger SnotSucker said...

I think the interviews would be interesting for those of us back home, since all we can see/hear is what our wonderful media wants us to.
Also, maybe a table defining the terminology etc you guys use making things a little easier for us civilians to understand.


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