Sunday, May 29, 2005

Blues for Allah, Part 1

I had referred to the ambush and ensuing battle that my friend Lt. Hancock was engaged in on 04 April 05. In an effort to provide real information from the war, I have obtained the official report that Lt. Hancock had submitted. This ambush and victory was not covered on the news, even though American causualties were taken. Since it is fairly lengthy, I will be breaking the report up into several sections, the first part will follow. The battle has been titled "The Battle of Fort Sanders II" in honor of the Civil War battle which took place in the home state of the 278th, Tennessee. If you find any reference to this event in any other media, please notify me.

"The Battle of Fort Sanders II"

(Timberwolf 2’s Perspective of the Fight)

By: 2LT Robert M. Hancock


On 04April2005, I (LT Hancock) went on my first mission in charge of the Force Protection element, 6/3 MiTT, code name Timberwolf 2. The 1st and 4th companies of the Iraqi Army, accompanied by ODA (Special Forces), departed the KMTB (FOB Caldwell) at approximately 1145 hours to conduct an area search for weapons caches, located at vicinity grid NB 03910 92020 south of Balad Ruz.

The patrol made an incorrect turn on the way to the objective at the approximate vicinity grid of NB 0160 9760 in a village just north of the OBJ. As we stopped, an individual was detained after running away from the road. We continued south to our objective.

We arrived at the objective and began searching around 1400 hours. 1st and 4th companies spread out online to begin searching the objective after setting an outer cordon. Timberwolf 6 (MAJ Curwen) and I followed the dismounted troops in 2 M1114 gun trucks. Around 1430 hours ODA, Timberwolf Red 6 (LT Tiedeman), and several 1st Co gun trucks left to conduct a sweep around the objective from the north in a clockwise direction. At approximately 1510 hours, we received a situation report on the sincgars radio that ODA were in contact and receiving small arms fire, RPGs, and mortar fires at vic grid NB 06690 85797. Upon receiving the report we assembled Timberwolf 2, Timberwolf 6, Timberwolf Green 6 (LT Ferrell), and Timberwolf Green 7 and approximately 6 IA (Iraqi Army) gun trucks from 1st and 4th companies. We drove as fast as we could southeast towards the contact.

When we arrived on the scene around 1525, both ODA and Timberwolf Red 6 were engaging individuals to their immediate front (south) and right side (west). ODA pointed for us (Timberwolf 2) and both Green elements to the southwest and hit the AIF (Anti-Iraqi Forces) from their left flank. My M1114 turned west into the brush and went straight towards the AIF’s position. The Green element continued farther west and took up positions along the southwest side of the AIF. We then pushed forward in a southerly direction taking fire from several directions.

My gunner (CPL Cartwright) fired at visible AIF popping up and out of irrigation ditches with a 249SAW. The enemy actions consisted of machine gun fire, small arms fire, RPGs, grenades, and mortar fires. I continued to relay sit-reps to ODA and maneuver both Green elements into a flanking position to take out AIF 20 meters directly in front of our position. Green 6 and Green 7 responded quickly using their M2s pounding the AIF’s left flank. With the help of Green 6 and 7, we took out several AIF. We had been engaged by a grenade, RPGs, and AK fires at approximately 1550. The fires subsided and an AIF individual was spotted and shot running across the road. Timberwolf 6 and both Red elements pushed southeast with small arms fires from their immediate front.

To be continued..................


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