Monday, March 12, 2007

Meeting the Man

Ya, that is me on the left, fat, hairy, and bearded. The man on the right is the amazing Alex Grey who had become more than just a favorite artist of mine. I had the pleasure of not only meeting him on Saturday, but also having my family with me to hear him speak in depth about each of his pieces of art that hang in the CoSM. It was an incredible time in NYC which just capstoned how good things have been going in my life for the last several months.

I have been significantly silent for months on my blog simply because I choose to keep my personal life quite personal. After being discharged from the Army, I had to collect the remnants of my life and decide what stays and what goes. I drew the line between what was an after-effect of my former (mistaken) life and what is now my own series of causes and effects. Very liberating watching the final reverberations of a 15 year mistake definitely disappear; the last vestiges of power and destruction of the ex's sickness losing their grip on our lives. I now live and die by me, I have me back.

Out of this growth has come the realization that I desire to live my life correctly for the happiness of me and my family. In that is where we should live and what career I want to pursue that will allow me to be happy and not force me to sell my soul to corporate america again. I miss the Army terribly but not the missions in which the Army is being used.

So there is a brief and vague update of my life in case I have anyone out there still checking in on me. I have substituted daily anger with the love of a good woman (finally), the technical with Art, and conflict with quiet observation. I am growing again as a human and it feels right.


Anonymous One of many Tracys said...

So very, very glad that you're happy. :-)

Blogger SnotSucker said...

It's about time! You had doubts when I told you it would get better and that you had to live your life for you and your family and no one else.
There are givers and takers.
We are givers. Others take from us until we are left with an empty shell and we have no idea who we are or what went wrong.
Unfortunately, one has to first sift through all the rubble to truly find who they are when others have taken that away. It's nice to see you happy for once! Now we just have one more to work on and they know who they are!!!

Blogger Carnealian said...

I'm so glad you finally got to me "the man of your dreams!" I'm sure meeting him was a tremendous experience. I'm very happy for your and your new life. I'm glad to be part of your new life and look forward for my wonderful happy years of friendship to come!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Wendy said...

Yeah. I've been cheering for you.

Anonymous crys said...

:) after so many trials, you sound (and look) so at peace! :) im so happy for you.

Blogger Dorman said...

David, give me some time to look into it all. Settling in to a new routine at the moment.

Crys, thank you for your messages and thoughts. I appreciate everything you have done and meant to me this whole time.

Everyone else..... it is about time eh? I did learn that man survives not on bread alone but on true friends. Thank you.

Blogger NittanyBri said...

Nice hair, you freakin' hippy! Seriously, welcome to the lighter side of life.


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