Monday, September 11, 2006

Baaaaaahh, Baaaaahhhhhh!!

Hear the sheeple bleeting the rhetoric of this new quasi-holiday? Sickens me every year when we "observe" the tragedy that happened 5 years ago. Tragedy is that most people are unthinking enough to allow the obvious cover stories of our own Federal Government sink in and be parrotted as truth. Lies folks, lies. True, almost 3000 real americans lost their lives in the plot, but the reason.....heinous. With Great Britain standing by our side, propping up our own version of the Emperor's New Clothes, we keep repeating the self-deluding mantra of neo-patriotism. Terrorists this and terrorists that and Cheney stating that he didn't expect the insurgency to last this long in Iraq. Has anyone actually studied real american history? And my own Pennsylvanians, lining up like retarded lemmings to honor an empty hole in the ground from a plane that never actually crashed at Shanksville...stuff makes me proud. The rest of the world shakes their head in amazement that we have created and perpetuated the absurd state of affairs that we americans now live in. By the way, what color is it today? Do I need to wear my aluminum beanie or haven't the terrorists yet launched the brain scanning satellites yet?

Today sickens me every year that those that died at the WTC, those comrades of mine that have died as heroes in the Middle East (not those idiots who died because they were shitty soldiers), and those who are overlooked because they serve out their year missions successfully, have all done so knowing that we've all been lied to and few people seem to care.


Blogger Robert Chase said...

When I first read that "Go F Yourself" DICK said he didn't expect the insurgency to last this long, my response thought was, "No shit, DICK".
It really is disheartening to see all the pseudo-patriots waving the flag and talking tough. I didn't do anything special to honor this day. I am more sad that innocent people died at the WTC and the Pentagon - this hit a little more home for me, living in DC - and their memories and lives are exploited by the scumbags in this administration. I will post this on my blog, but take a look at this here:

If true, I hope that fat ass Karl Rove goes straight to hell and takes the entire administration with him.

Blogger Robert Chase said...

Crap, here is the link a little better:

Hope it works.

Anonymous InterstellarLass said...

I'll just go pull my wool over my eyes now.

Blogger brainhell said...

Looks like something crashed in Penn. What was it, in your view?

Blogger Carnealian said...

Perhaps it is we the "sheeple" that find it easier to do the rememberances of those that were lost on 9/11 not because we're ignorant to the fact that we've been lied to, let astray, etc. But, because it's the simplest thing we can do. Personally, all that our "leaders" have done to us, created for us, etc. is frankly too "big" for me to even consider doing something about. So, everyone from the top down is now what? People at the Pentagon and WTC are still dead. So, the idiots in charge lied to now what? We elect new people that will bring about change? HA! There will never be any change. The next person in charge will also be a politician who will lie, cheat and steal their way along like all the others. I agree that many people are oblivious to the realities of our government, some choose to ignore it if for no other reason that things will never change. That doesn't mean simply because we honor our dead, even if they're so called "shitty soldiers", that we should ignore the fact their lives were taken away.

Blogger Dorman said...

BH, that "crash" site showed no remnants of what supposedly crashed. Not to ohard to dig a hole and a rut in a farm field around here. Ever consider how small the "impact area" was? pretty small for a commercial plane...and no nothing was "vaporized".

Carn...shitty soldiers not only asked for their asses to be killed, they also endanger the rest of their squads / teams / platoons and jeopardize the mission they are on. There is no excuse for a shitty soldier and not all that have been killed are shitty, but many have been. And thus preventable.

Also, Rush Limbaugh used to be a fountain of enlightenment for me way back in Bush 1's reign and thru the clinton fiesta, but I started listening to him on my drive to duty these past days. I must say that I see thru so much of how he, the media, the politicians, and most chatty civilians maintain and perpetuate the problem of being lied to, of wrong thinking....

He is now so blatantly biased that a truly thinking, non-partisan listener must shake his/her head is disbelief. But his rhetoric, and the republicans', does not validate the democrats'. Aha!! Point #1 in what is the biggest error americans make when thinking about politics and possibilities. So much to say on this topic....

But elections are our only choice at this point until the whole of out government is overthrown and replaced.

Blogger Carnealian said...

Rush Limbaugh I have never had any respect for, he's just too far right for me. Plus, as we've recently found out, he's a drug addict. So, he has no credibility in my book.

Ousting the existing government and replacing them with new politicians is the same shit different day. See, to me it's hopeless. And that's why I don't think too much on the subject.

Blogger brainhell said...


Fair enough, but numerous people miles away reported falling aircraft debris, and those near the site saw planes and heard explosions. True, this supports a shoot-down rather than a crash, but I don't buy the explanation that the passengers debarked somewhere.


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