Thursday, July 27, 2006


Just got a reply from the Signal Branch in reference to the screw up in my orders. Basically, I am told I am S.O.L. If I miss this school date then I have to wait until January or Feb. They suggest I put my kids somewhere and report on time. Ya, I go from Frankfurt to Philly to Augusta and report all in 48 sleepless hours. And I am supposed to get a flight booked like that this close to time? Right.

Back to considering dropping out and working in Germany. If anyone has any legit contacts for companies in Europe that hire veterans, please notify me immediately!


Blogger InterstellarLass said...

I sent you an email.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck.

Blogger mattandriver said...

Dude, I haven't read your blog in a few days. Sorry that things are getting worse. Call me if there is something I CAN do to help.

Blogger brainhell said...

> ...dropping out...

I thought you re-upped? Maybe I don't understand. Do you have a window in which you can bail?

Blogger mattandriver said...

Wie werden wir wählen, die zu bestrafen, die uns gefickt haben?

It’s rough, I know.

Blogger Dorman said...

bh, single parents without any family to plkace the children in case of deployment or duty are chaptered out of the army as a liability. all I need to do is make the true claim that I have no suitable place for my kids in such events and I am civilian again. didn't do it yet because of the whole homeless thing.

M. Jetzt, alles klar. Nicht so gut aber Ich leben.


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