Monday, August 28, 2006

I Am Not Stephen Colbert

Shameless attempt at increased web traffic. Please visit my photography on Flickr

Otherwise life is still frustrating. I don't know where to start except to reiterate that I have been pretty much irepparably screwed by my former unit. Good thing the damned 17th Sig Bn is now dead and deactivated. Unfortunately the cancer-like NCO corp there have metastasized throughout the rest of the army.

I have been trying to overcome all the logistics of being a single father in todays army while trying to survive an intercontinental PCS move. I realized tonight that each hurdle I have overcome has simply made way for the next. I am set to go to school at Ft. Gordon, GA. on 31 Aug. Guess what, no plans for the kids. To shorten a terribly long saga, I realized tonight that most likely all the strategic signal battalions work shift work while the frequeent-field-excercise tactical signal battalions will most likely deploy within the next 2 years. So, as a single father, I can't do either. One more good reason I should have been allowed to stay in Germany. In a few hours, when I wake, I will make another call. This time to a Chaplain in hopes of finally starting the process of separation from the army based on my inability to provide adequate care for my children. I am unable to provide a viable Family Care Plan and so am unable to continue as a soldier. I agree and the policy makes a lot of sense. --BUT-- The shame is that I had the answer all lined up while in Germany 6 months ago but was told that I didn't know well enough!!!

Today's moment of Zen

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Blogger SnotSucker said...

Keep your head up. You're doing a good job despite the circumstances. I'm here for you and only a phone call/IM away. I look forward to some more hang time. Won't you be my neighbor?

Anonymous InterstellarLass said...

Dude, is that Captain Caveman?

Blogger Dorman said...

That is the typical citizen / visitor to Paris, France.

Blogger Carnealian said...

I know everything will work out. It seems that it usually does. Maybe you'll get stationed here in Carlisle or New Cumberland and then you'll be closer to all your buds. Note to self...get ankle braces ASAP. Hang in there!!!

Yea, the pic...nice!

Blogger mattandriver said...

Dude, I think that's your legs in that pic.


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