Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Instant Karma

So, at first when we saw this sign, we were in disbelief. Carnealian pulled over at my request so we could take the pics. I still think it is terribly funny and no picture of me, ever, has been so true. We laughed in disbelief that we just earned ourselves a special room in Hell for this act of humor. Think about it....shouldn't it be "mentalLY" impaired? Poor grammar does not reflect well on the self-declared "un-impaired" who make these signs. But the most bizarre thing is WHY these 2 signs define the M.I.C. Zone as they do. As a motorist, why do I need to know the problems of the residence whom I drive past? The only sign similar that makes any kind of sense to me is the "Deaf Child Area" sign. Understandable as a motorist I might need to know that the child that refuses to get out of the road despite my blaring horn and screamed invectives really isn't so insolent to ignore me, but simply just can't hear me.

But what problem is this sign avoiding? I can't imagine the M.I.C. running loose on the roads frequently enough to precipitate the necessity of warning passing motorists. Shouldn't the M.I.C.'s parents be a bit more attentive than to let him / her run unattended around main roads?? Never had a thought a sign could ever make up for poor parenting.

...but yet, we can proclaim to all passers-by that an M.I.C. is nigh, but we can't stick a sign up declaring that "Pedophile lives here". That knowledge would truly benefit the community.

But what part of this has anything to do with "instant karma"? Well, not so instant but temporally close enough. Today I was driving my son to a friend's house several miles from here. I thought it would be nice to ride with the windows down instead of A/C. On the way, I was struck in the ear by a bug, no biggie. About 20 miles later I feel an increasing pain in my ass cheek. A little slowly I put 2 and 2 together and realized that all that time agao, it must have been a bee that hit me. I yelled at the first sting while I was driving at 60 mph, wondering what the hell really was going on. I tried to find a place to pull off the road but didn't find one in time. WHAM!! One more sting a little lower on the same ass cheek. Bastard got me twice! Thought they could only sting once but I guess he did it slow enough that it didn't rip him apart. I slammed the brakes on at the opening of a driveway. Trying to get out of my truck while I have my body arched inside to avoid sitting on the bastard again, is not at all easy. Zak jumped out - half afraid of the unseen bee. I jumped out finally, screaming to have him get it off. Zak yelled that it was hanging off my ass but then flew off. Damn thing. After the sting subsided a bit, we laughed uncontrollably and ran the A/C.


Anonymous InterstellarLass said...

I never understand why they put signs where they do. Or spell the words on them the way they do.

But you deserved the bee sting in the ass. :)

Blogger SnotSucker said...

Understandable as a motorist I might need to know that the child that refuses to get out of the road despite my blaring horn and screamed invectives really isn't so insolent to ignore me, but simply just can't hear me.
Who's to say that just because the M.I.C. can hear, he has the ability to determine the level of danger to get out of the way of an oncoming car? So why does the deaf kid get a sign and the mentally retarded one does not?

& yes this picture definitely came around to "bite" you in the ass so to speak :)

Blogger Dorman said...

The M.I.C. ought to have parental supervision 100% of the time one would think, due to level of functioning. The deaf kid is fully functional but just can't hear a car coming up, even after looking both ways. sure the deaf kid should have supervision too but not as tightly as the M.I.C.

or both ought to just suck it up, fing responsible guardians, and live like average signless folks.

Blogger SpiderLord said...

That is hillarious

Blogger Carnealian said...

Oh great, that means my karma should be right around the corner. Now I'm afraid to leave the house.

Now the child is not only mentally imparied, he/she has been reduced to M.I.C. ...nice!

Blogger mattandriver said...

Why don't I have a sign in front of my house? I want my sign, damn it!

I always knew you had a big in your ass!!!!!

Anonymous Crys said...

instant karma. funny funny. reminded me on my name is earl...but I'm very glad you didn't get in an accident. My sister was stung by a bee while driving and totaled my dad's brand new pick-up. Atleast, that was her story...


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