Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lies from the Tablecloth

Anyone else outraged at the absurdity of the most recent "terrorist" attack that was thwarted in England? Please. Now no gels and liquids on planes? What I appreciate is the subtle mind programming our shit-ass government uses to keep the sheeples in line with their thoughts. and attitudes. I was at the gym this afternoon watching the reports on the TV when some worthless politician stated, "The attempt to bring liquid and gel explosives onto the plane appears similar to what an Al Qaeda plot would be." 90 minutes later, it is announced that security stopped an Al Qaeda plot to blow up planes "mass murder on an unimagineable scale."

Challenge to the thinking person.... Who is Al Qaeda? Name someone in it besides bin Laden. Where are they? what do they do? What have they done? Al Qaeda in Iraq was a joke, dubbed that by an insurgent trying to ride the coat tails of the popular american boogymen. The term Al Qaeda has been programmed into the collective mentality of americans as a knee-jerk term there to create a complete and prejudiced reaction and opinion. We already decide before we hear an y facts!! Anyone familiar with the word "nazi"? Same process.

Face it. Al Qaeda does not exist as a terrorist group, there is no evidence of their existence!! Ever see the movie The Village? Al Qaeda has been propped up as the boogeymen in the woods to keep the ignorants in line and at home. Someone show me that they exist.

And now Bush calls them all "Islamic Fascists" Fascists. Fascists? Please. Tell me that I am the only one that sees the absurd irony in that.

Face it folks. the answers seem simple. The unrest in the middle east is rooted in Zionism and has not been around for thousands of years. The creation of the independent nation of Isreal is what the muslims are pissed off about. Isreal blasting the shit out of Lebanon doesn't help either, but I don't want to take sides on that issue here and now. The "terrorist" problem will exist as long as the middle east land structure exists as it does not. The unrest in the middle east will too.

Watch yourselves and question every statement that the government and the media makes to you. It is subtle, very subtle, but persistent.


Blogger InterstellarLass said...

I think the point of Al Qaeda is to be secret...I don't think they have membership cards and running around, flashing them. Yes, Al Qaeda is a made-up name, encompassing a loosely knit group of terrorists, all pointing up to the figure-head of bin Laden. But to say that these people aren't dangerous?

Yes, the middle east issues are rooted in Zionism. I don't think anyone will argue that. But it goes back to the fact that Abraham should have kept it in his pants. Isaac and Ishmael. It does go back thousands of years. These people have never been happy. I don't think they know how. I just wish they would leave us the hell alone. And what is our reason for backing Israel? Money. Greedy bastards.

Anonymous InterstellarLass said...

Sorry, it appears I wasn't clear. I wasn't stating that Israel gives the US money. I'm talking about the power-brokers in the US buying the government's influence to back Israel.

Blogger Dorman said...

Al Qaeda: Is a synomym for islamics since we can't come out and declare the true enemy we fight. face it, the only ties these "terrorists" have is the Islam. Coincidence that one of the plotters of the recent british attack converted to islam within the last 6 months? All I expect is some intellectual honesty. Any other enemy we fought at least stands up and declares itself. But since the beginning WE have dubbed everything; whether the act or the plot or the agent. No one that I can remember ever stood up and said, "we are al qaeda and we effect this act...blah blah blah" There is no al qaeda outside the minds of americans. It is our creation. These people that effect these acts do it under the blanket of islam, whatever flavor they adopt. Al Qaeda is a phantom for our own (american) consumption.

Israel: Jews and Arabs lived in relative harmony pretty much up until the 19th century when the zionist migrations began. When the land was stolen from the arabs for the creation of an israeli state, that is when things heated up as we are familiar with. Isaac and Ishmael doesn't really historically accurately describe an eons old fued between the two. Even Mohammed lived peacefully with Jews in Mecca for many years (until his own personal demise and twisting of the original message of islam). The problem is that we, with britain, prop up israel which creates the resentment towards the west. It is a bully situation and we disingenuously act like we know nothing of why. Israel has been a key entry point and sentinal into our middle east interests.

Blogger Robert Chase said...

Yeah, I rolled my eyes at the fascist comment. New slogan, different day for the slogan party. Notice in his address he also said that the "islamic fascists" also wanted to "destroy those of us who love freedom". The stupid bastard is using that retarded slogan again. I am completely perplexzed that some idiots in this country actually believe, STILL, that Saddam/Iraq had something to do with al qaeda/9-11 AND that half of the morons in the country still believe that Iraq had/has wmd's. This country is doomed.

Anonymous Crys said...

I just personally find it hilarious that Bush pronounced fascists as fash istttt ssss today. Yep, hilarious.

Blogger brainhell said...

Al Qaeda could be very real. You don't think so and that's OK. But your ridicule of the notion is just as reflexive as most peoples' belief in it.


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