Thursday, March 02, 2006

Forty Six & 2 ... feels like a 0

Sorry for not updating much recently, just having some issues that I would rather not put on public display. Keep thinking of me as that strong, impervious, opinionated, head strong, calloused soldier and sometime soon I may return to that.


Blogger InterstellarLass said...

We'll think happy thoughts for you while you're having a hard time with it. Ya big, tough, head-strong, opinionated, impervious, callous galoot. :)

Blogger Robert Chase said...


What's up? If you are not asleep late friday night and want to bullshit a while, I'm here. Plus my weekend is free so I can sit and, screw around on the computer and talk for ever how long you want.

besides, you better be cheery when I get there on the 7th of april. Btw, I got my leave approved so I don't have to worry about taking LWOP. That results in more bier $$ in Germany! :)

Blogger mattandriver said...

To all, he'll come around. Trust me.

Blogger mattandriver said...

Oh, and dean: I think you have at least 47 so far!

Blogger brainhell said...

OK, be strong and get strong so that we can kick you aroud some more -- without guilt.

Blogger mattandriver said...

Ya know, if you keep this up, youre gona make me come over there and kick your ass.


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