Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Birth of a New Term

Being away for so long provides you with the unique opportunity to get to know your children all over again. As for my son, Zak, he turned into a teenager while I was gone. Yes I had him while I was young, that's beside the point. Being newly single and my son a new teenager, the conversations can get interesting. Here is one such chat we had that made me wonder what kids talk about; especially since I am paying for them to go to Catholic school.

Zak and I are just coming home from a flirt-fest at the local mall and we are talking about just random things. I said to him that I wanted to make a t-shirt that simply said "Single Father" so that the ladies wouldn't mistake me when walking with my kids. Zak turned to me and said, "You should get one that says, 'FILF'".

I tried to maintain control of the car as I comprehended the fact that somehow my son ran across the meaning of the term 'MILF' and applied it to this situation. Also, because I was trying to hold back laughing. He blamed it on MTV or something, but I remembered then my days at the same school. No group of teenage boys is impervious to that kind of talk.

So, anyone wanna buy a t-shirt? $19.95


Blogger InterstellarLass said...

A FILF? How about a DILF. That's easier to pronounce I think. Cafe Press would make you one up. You could even get a hat.


Anonymous mysrey said...

i know someone who would like to do that...and i am not talking about buying a t-shirt.

Anonymous Findley Labrador said...

I don't have cable and I'm obviously too old to be hip...please spell it out and I'll get out my magnifying glass to read it.
Hi Tracie, hi Jeff...

Anonymous Findley said...

uh, never mind, Carney just enlightened me...I am so UNCOOL!

Blogger SnotSucker said...

That is a riot! Way to go Z!!! :)

Blogger mattandriver said...

Hi Findley...

Zak is so cool! Oh, and you too Sadie!

Blogger Crystal said...

that's really funny. you should try to trademark it like Paris Hilton's 'That's hot.'

Blogger brainhell said...

Before reading this post, I said in Crys' blog that FILF is not very creative. I was wrong. In this case it's creative and funny.

Dorman, it beats dodging IEDs.

Blogger Crystal said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Anonymous crys said...

yeah, and i deleted your comment cuz you were wrong :P

Blogger Robert Chase said...

I was gonna suggest DILF to.
For the T-shirt.
Not for the reason mysrey implies.

Blogger mattandriver said...

To all who 'don’t get it', just disregard. It's here. (for both of us)

Seems sort of fitting that I have reminded you of your love for tool.

Sorry to leave you solo again tonight, but other shit’s kickin’ my ass! I know you know.

Blogger Dorman said...

and I was trying so hard to be a good boy tonight. I went out vowing to myself that *I* would not initiate any conversation with a female. Didn't matter. So much to tell. So little time. Please accompany me to the open mic night thursday from 7-9 so I behave myself.


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