Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Ya, no cute quip today, just an update. Went to the range today, firing is always fun. Today was the first overcast sky since April and a few spinkles actually made their way to the ground. I wagered that a full shower will happen by the weekend. It has cooled off a lot, at night it gets down to 75 degrees F. Days are only about 95 now.

My net connection is back and stable for once, so I feel connected to the world again. Conversely, I decided last night that I hated myself and every word that came out of my mouth. I stopped talking today unless I absolutely had to. I have become a pudding skin of mellow, wrapping a ball of vile rage. Seems to be working out for me...when in doubt - withdraw.

Walked into a building today (not like a collision) and saw my vendor buddy, Saddam. Coincidentally, the Saddam Hussein trials were on the TV. So we stood and watched them together for a few minutes. I asked him what he thought of Hussein, to which he replied with the knife-edge finger across the throat. War crimes....remember the good old days of war when the enemy leaders were shot?


Blogger Robert Chase said...

Yo. What's going on??? What has brought on this negativity? The last time I spoke to you on IM, you seemed MUCH better.

I will log on IM at work tomorrow (10/20) and try and talk to you as much as I can. As always, I will be on when I get home from work thursday and friday, and all weekend.

Blogger Carnealian said...

You hate your self and everything that comes out of your've obviously been talking to me too long.

You know what I found interesting about the Hussein trials...they bring the scumbag in to court, ask him to simply state his name for the record and he sets off on this tirade. They ask him again...again, a tirade. He is then asked to be seated and his lawyer starts complaining they don't have their head coverings. So, they bring them their head coverings. Hussein never had to state his name for the record. It was a circus. What, are they learning to be pansy-asses just like in the States??

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Are you PMSing again? Somebody give that boy a Midol! Stat!

Somewhere, about mile 18...

Blogger mattandriver said...

Silence is the ultimate weapon of power.
--Charles deGualle

I spent 2 days at work without speaking a word to anyone other than needed conversations of jargon. Throwing the old pig skin out in the parking lot during lunch works much better, but can't match what you must get out of shooting at the range. Although, hunting season is just around the corner.

Hang in there man, you'll be home soon. Too bad you can't leave your issues there when you leave.

Blogger mattandriver said...


Blogger brainhell said...

>"I have become a pudding skin of mellow, wrapping a ball of vile rage."

Great writing. Next time you feel bad, just imagine how Saddam is feeling right then!


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