Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Little has happened to be interesting around here. These are the months when the deployment will seem long and repetetive. I have several important things on my mind but still find time to be bored.
I started my Master's Degree program in MIS. I am finishing off the Army Correspondence Courses needed for promotion points. I have my promotion board coming up in June. And I have a PT test coming up in less than 2 weeks. On top of all that I run the C&E shop daily. The days do go quickly, thankfully.
A few nights ago, we had a 'scare'. Somehow a message came down that 4 Iraqi insurgents made it on base with fake IDs. We were supposed to react to this, many did in an overstated way. It was funny to see the Rambos appear from our small Signal unit while the Special Forces and Combat Arms soldiers from the other units continued to mill around in their PT uniforms. Funny, too, to think how they knew just 4 got on and that the IDs were fake. If they knew, why did they get on base? Crazy rumors.
It may have not have made the news but the SF unit we support ran across a possible training base for insurgents a few nights ago. Long firefight, many casualties - mostly insurgent. Can't reveal many details but it interesting to note what gets publicized and what does not. How much to we all accept what the media pumps to us as complete and true? I get to watch much of it first-hand now.


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