Tuesday, June 20, 2006

9/11 - Let Us Remember

Ok, in 3 months or less we'll mourn the anniversary of 9/11. Let's erase and deprogram ourselves from the shit propaganda that the US gov't and media have dealt us and try to find some real facts. This is not a conspiracy theory...much to the opposite. This is sifting through the crap to find the corn.

Here it goes....

Who were the 18 - 20 people that executed the 9/11 attack? Most Egyptian and Saudis, right? Makes sense to go into Afghanistan then first.

bin Laden, tho an asshole, never claimed direct responsibility for the attack nor has there been any direct evidence that he had, we just suspected that he was the one.

The Taliban had nothing to do with bin Laden nor the attacks, the worst they did, if you remember, is make the statement "even if he was hiding here, we would not turn him over to you."

Saddam and Iraq, tho an asshole and a hellish place, again had even less to do with the attacks. He even sent sympathy to Bush shortly after.

We can read a license plate a Wrigley Field but we can't find the tallest, most well-known muslim in the middle east?

Results: Taliban were toppled as part of the cleanup from the 80's activities by the CIA to support the Afghans against the Russians. fact is, WE put the taliban in power then. Fact also is, part of the CIA clean up from that time includes bin Laden who was our main agent against the Russians and trained at our own Ft. Benning.
Afghanistan produces 80% of the world's opium/heroin. The CIA had come across the fields inevitably but instead of clearing them as part of the "War on Drugs", the 'preserved' them so as not to 'upset the fragile local economy'. Nothing like being able to control both sides of a drug war.
The first document the new king/gov't signed was a treaty giving us access to the Caspian Sea for a pipeline to the gulf. That sea is the world's largest repository of natural gas.
Why are we still there? Besides the occaisional death, what reporting keeps us updated on the status of that fledgeling gov't? none. All a sham.

Iraq. The humanitarian attrocities committed by Saddam were prior to the 1st gulf war. Nothing in comparison to how our great and fearful country was founded. Iraq makes the news repeatedly on a daily basis. Blah Blah Blah. Mind-numbing propaganda. Safer there than in Detroit. But why was Saddam removed? Not to capture the oil reserves but to keep OPEC from goin to a Euro standard instead of the current US Dollar standard. Why? Because every other country on earth has a gold-standard for their money. We did until Nixon, now it is based on "natural resources" like trees and national parks. So basically we've made an unfair advantage of being able to value our trees to whatever we want and print the money for oil while everyone else has to show backing for their currency. Sweet deal until you lose it. Saddam was quieted. We stay as a complex and obvious money-laundering system for the current administration and then some.

Connect the dots. Too easy.

The Boondocks - Gin Rummy

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Again with the Islam and an american Update

Ya, I thought this argument was dead but here is a great discourse on what I have been proclaiming for a long while now. Just passing on the info.

Other than that, being back in america has been a mixed emotionally. My dog, Zero, has been suffering with some unknown physical problem that causes him to cry and act like he's hindered when laying down or getting up. But then he walks around the yard and digs holes like nothing is wrong.

Also, I have realized some deep conflicts in my attitudes toward the area in which I grew up. In a way I am happy to be visiting but can't wait to get back to my life in Europe. But in another way, I realize that I may only be back here a few times ever in the future. More frightening is the idea that I may exit the army and be stuck coming back to this area (semi) permanently. That is quite my last choice because that means that I would have failed transitioning into a good career after my contract with the army is complete. So much is on the line for our lives just over this summer.

Lastly, my son "graduates" 8th grade today, so that means my hairstyle will get normalized, much to my sadness.