Tuesday, June 20, 2006

9/11 - Let Us Remember

Ok, in 3 months or less we'll mourn the anniversary of 9/11. Let's erase and deprogram ourselves from the shit propaganda that the US gov't and media have dealt us and try to find some real facts. This is not a conspiracy theory...much to the opposite. This is sifting through the crap to find the corn.

Here it goes....

Who were the 18 - 20 people that executed the 9/11 attack? Most Egyptian and Saudis, right? Makes sense to go into Afghanistan then first.

bin Laden, tho an asshole, never claimed direct responsibility for the attack nor has there been any direct evidence that he had, we just suspected that he was the one.

The Taliban had nothing to do with bin Laden nor the attacks, the worst they did, if you remember, is make the statement "even if he was hiding here, we would not turn him over to you."

Saddam and Iraq, tho an asshole and a hellish place, again had even less to do with the attacks. He even sent sympathy to Bush shortly after.

We can read a license plate a Wrigley Field but we can't find the tallest, most well-known muslim in the middle east?

Results: Taliban were toppled as part of the cleanup from the 80's activities by the CIA to support the Afghans against the Russians. fact is, WE put the taliban in power then. Fact also is, part of the CIA clean up from that time includes bin Laden who was our main agent against the Russians and trained at our own Ft. Benning.
Afghanistan produces 80% of the world's opium/heroin. The CIA had come across the fields inevitably but instead of clearing them as part of the "War on Drugs", the 'preserved' them so as not to 'upset the fragile local economy'. Nothing like being able to control both sides of a drug war.
The first document the new king/gov't signed was a treaty giving us access to the Caspian Sea for a pipeline to the gulf. That sea is the world's largest repository of natural gas.
Why are we still there? Besides the occaisional death, what reporting keeps us updated on the status of that fledgeling gov't? none. All a sham.

Iraq. The humanitarian attrocities committed by Saddam were prior to the 1st gulf war. Nothing in comparison to how our great and fearful country was founded. Iraq makes the news repeatedly on a daily basis. Blah Blah Blah. Mind-numbing propaganda. Safer there than in Detroit. But why was Saddam removed? Not to capture the oil reserves but to keep OPEC from goin to a Euro standard instead of the current US Dollar standard. Why? Because every other country on earth has a gold-standard for their money. We did until Nixon, now it is based on "natural resources" like trees and national parks. So basically we've made an unfair advantage of being able to value our trees to whatever we want and print the money for oil while everyone else has to show backing for their currency. Sweet deal until you lose it. Saddam was quieted. We stay as a complex and obvious money-laundering system for the current administration and then some.

Connect the dots. Too easy.

The Boondocks - Gin Rummy


Blogger brainhell said...


Thanks. Your opinion on these matters is at least rational (based on reason), and can be tested. Not saying I agree, just saying it's not as silly as calling Islam dangerous and not having any action plan other than getting more people to agree that Islam is dangerous (while the fanatics, hearing your words, rush out to get fitted for backpack bombs).

Good work. But I do wonder, do you have a source for the claim that the first agreement Karzai signed was for the pieline? Und wohin ist?

Blogger Dorman said...

first, yes I have sources for all my information. I searched, I found, you can do the same. I have no spoon therefore I no feed.

second. Leartn english. I never encouraged anyone to blindly and categorically just agree islam is dangerous. I gave facts, references, and examples from the time of islam's originator. Hardly superficial in its meaning.

Your desire to keep your shoulders applied to your ass cheeks is commendable. but your lack of substance on this issue is now becoming a parody.

Blogger Robert Chase said...

second. Leartn english.

hahahahahahahaha! Sorry, but I found this hilarious.

as well as this: Your desire to keep your shoulders applied to your ass cheeks is commendable.


Blogger mattandriver said...

Glad to see you're up and running again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me guess, we didn't land on the moon either?

Blogger brainhell said...

> second. Leartn english.


...And, I thought the Boondocks video you added was very funny.

As to your claim that yeah, you got the proof, but no, you ain't got to share it: "No sourcee, no proofee."

As to my ass cheeks, we're no longer on "this" subject. I only asked if you have a cite on the allegation that the first document Karzai signed authorized a pipeline.

I assert that your claim is false, and that you are taking too many monkey testosterone pills.

Blogger Dorman said...

Observer - no, but glad to see where your intellectualism stops. Like in my fashion, go to an observatory and point it at the moon....see flag.

BH - money testosterone = beer

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Monkey testosterone? So when you get pissed off do you go ape shit? :P

Blogger brainhell said...

Beer? Understood.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We could debate these points all day, but like rolling a rock up a hill, it would be pointless. You aren’t going to change my mind, and I won’t change yours.
So, there is no point in discussing them. Think of my comment as verbally rolling my eyes.

Blogger Dorman said...

meet facts with facts and gain respect. eye rolling is not patriotism, but many americans suffer from it in an attempt to alleviate responsibility.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF? So,I roll my eyes at your comments, make a sarcastic one of my own and that calls into question my patriotism? Interesting logic.

Blogger brainhell said...


He didn't question your patriotism, just said lots of people think being sheep-like is patriotic. Take your WTF back and cuddle it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

brainhell: I rolled my eyes, he says eye rolling isn't patriotism, therefore what I'm doing = not being patriotic.

I agree, too many people just go with the flow and don't question things. dorman's thought out for himself why he believes what he does, and I've done the same.

Just because I choose sarcasm as my medium doesn't mean that I'm going with the flow. Like I said, no one is changing anyones mind.

As for my WTF, it's yours. Take it home and enjoy it.

Blogger brainhell said...


No, what happened was...

1) You rolled your eyes.

2) He said "eye rolling is not patriotism, but many americans suffer from it in an attempt to alleviate responsibility."

You found a shoe and decided it fits you.

If Dorman wants to insult you, rest assured he will.

I flushed your WTF. It'll show up again in your pants soon no doubt.

Blogger Dorman said...


AO...please don't roll eyes, that was my point. I present researchable facts and ideas, I ask the same from anyone that disagrees. That way, you aren't challenging my non-existent ego, you are being brave enough to take action for what you believe and educate me in the process.

BH. You rock.


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