Monday, December 26, 2005

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

First, I want to just state that the frequency of my blog updates will be a bit erratic for a little while as I go through "re-integration" with the Army and "dis-integration" in my personal life. My primary task right now, personally, is the division of my old married life from the newly born "my life". Cathartic, stressful, necessary. Anyway, let me begin....

GOOD: I knew I had no family to greet me when I returned, but I had plenty of time to deal with that notion. I hoped that my neighbors, the Richards, would b able to show up since I didn't even know if I had a ride home. They marched us into a big tent, behind a curtain. We could hear the crowd getting excited as they played some video of us downrange. Then the curtain opened and the crowd went wild. No one there that I knew. Drink water, drive on. Found a ride home thankfully. When I entered my building, I was greeted with a wonderful sign on my door. Someone Cares ;) Frau Richard did a wonderful job of welcoming me home and making it easy for me the first few days. I was set up with food and (good German) beer in my refridgerator, TP for the throne, and my key. She did this all on top of helping me with my residual bills while I was downrange. They both have been wonderful friends to me and I can't thank them enough for being there to help me during my tough times.

BAD: On Christmas Day, my friend whom I spent time with downrange, was found dead in his barracks room from alcohol poisoning. He was young, too young. I won't release any details at this time, but it has hit our whole company hard. This is the second friend of mine that has died after a movement. The first was McKaig who was killed in a car accident right after AIT, before he even reached his duty station.

UGLY: Here are a few pics of the trip home.
Dorman and James on the C-17

Inside the belly of the beast

Me in our tent at Anaconda

A picture that says it all. My friend Darius longingly looking at a photo of his wonderful girlfriend as we sat waiting for take-off.


Blogger brainhell said...

Welcome back, Dorman. Thanks for doing what I'm not supposed to thank you for. When you sober up, take a swag at my looming question please.

Blogger rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

i am all ears too. damn glad you made it back. if i had known when and where, i would have been there.

Blogger John Norris Brown said...

Glad you made it back, and I'm sorry to hear about your friend. You will be in our prayers.

Blogger Robert Chase said...

Welcome back, my brother.

Blogger Shelli said...

Welcome home! God bless you and I wish you well in readjusting to life on home turf. I am sorry about your friend. I will be thinking of you and your friend's family.

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Frau Richard sounds like a lovely lady. I'm glad she was there for you. I'm sorry about your friend. You and he will be in my thoughts. Looks like first-class transportation. What was the in-flight movie? ;)

Blogger Robert Chase said...

What was the in-flight movie? ;)

Hopefully not 'Lost In Translation'.
That was the god-awful movie i happened to have on my flight back from Frankfurt.

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Hey, Lost in Translation was a great film! I have a total girl-crush on Sofia Coppola. Have since The Godfather III. *sigh*

Blogger mattandriver said...

We'll keep things in check while waiting......

Blogger Carnealian said...

Very glad your neighbor helped you out. Sorry about your friend, that's tragic. I hope your time in the States can make up for what has been lacking thus far. The pic of Darius is just so dear. I hope his girlfriend knows how much he loves her.

Blogger brainhell said...

I'm pretty sure there ain't no damn in-flight movie on a C-17. But then those Air Force fruitcakes could prove me wrong.

Blogger One Veteran said...

Congrats on making it back from that god-forsaken shithole. Take it easy bro, and don't hit the bottle too hard.

Blogger Robert Chase said...

Hey, Lost in Translation was a great film!

To each his/her own I guess.

I was able to see the dvd player of the dude sitting to the front-right of me. American Wedding. :D

Congrats on making it back from that god-forsaken shithole.

I think we all second that sentiment.

Blogger Crystal said...

the good,

the bad,
very very sad

the ugly,
not so much


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