Monday, January 16, 2006

Drunken Weekend

So I have been introduced to one of the coolest bars ever, The Hardware Bar. Thanks to carnealian, mattandriver, and Tracie for being the 3 greatest wingmen I've had to date. Unfortunately, no one brought a camera to the activities so we had to wait for the drunken photos when we got back. Here is just a few safe pics....I was asked to NOT post pics of Tracie but I think I can be persuaded if someone asks me nice enough.


Blogger mattandriver said...

Look, there's Eddie!

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Oh come on! "Asked not to post pics". I call foul on that!

Anonymous Fin said...

I want to see everyone's forehead!

Blogger brainhell said...

I am shocked that alcohol passed your lips.

Blogger mattandriver said...

I want to see everyone's forehead!

That's great!!!!

Blogger Robert Chase said...

"Red Stripe: It's Beer. HOORAY BEER! "

I love me some Red Stripe. :)

Nice beard dean.

Blogger SpiderLord said...

Oh come on I've seen you worse than that!!! What the hell kind of a Barney weekend did you have!!! I was kind of hoping for pictures of your army behind you. I demand that Dorman enclose everything. Where is the grotesque picture of at least half naked women?

Anonymous heyynow said...

You all don't know me, but I have been posting comments out on Carn's blog for a few weeks now...

This is the first I've seen actual proof of the drunken weekend (not that I needed it with Carn). So, I'm looking at these pics and my son,who is 10, comes in the room ...and he knows Carn by the way...and says, "It figures, she's drinking"...Ah, out of the mouth of babes! Looks like you had fun!

Blogger Carnealian said...

Heyynow...who are you?!? I'm being unfairly accused here. Has he seen you in action???


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