Thursday, November 24, 2005

Triptophanic Genocide

It occurred to me today that throughout this whole deployment the normal, unthought of facets of daily living erode the most. For instance, it wasn't until InterstellarLass wished me a Happy Thanksgiving did I realize A) it was Thanksgiving, and B) what day of the week it was. When every day is exactly the same (to quote mattandriver who quotes Nine Inch Nails), there is no need to differentiate between a Tuesday or a Sunday. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving and thank all of you for your support. Thank you even more to those that have screwed me over and/or unnecessarily criticized me; you make me stronger - without you I couldn't show how right I am. To all the, it doesn't matter anyway.

- Roughly a month until I will be back in beautiful Deutschland.
- I am hoping to be Boots-On-Ground in Sunbury, PA, on or before 30 Dec 05. Some know why. If you don't, then don't worry.
- My missions for this week fizzled and were changed. So, the exciting missions in to the hot spots turned into the Combat Logistic Patrols that we usually do.
- I just got a Playstation Portable, hacked it already and am loving the games. Yes Zak, got all the ones you asked for ;)
- If you are in the Pennsylvania area and would like me to come talk your local school or group about Iraq and the deployment experience, please ask. I will be giving some presentations to my alma mater (my kids' current school).
- The Rev. is looking for motivated people to help with a movement. Please stop over and show the man some support.


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Blogger Carnealian said...

Did I even bother to day Happy Thanksgiving??? Yay, just about a month to go! Looking forward to it!

Blogger mattandriver said...

Looking forward to your presents. I'll work on it!!!!!!!! I promise!!!!


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