Sunday, November 06, 2005

Call for Feedback

Since we are entering a phase of our deployment that prevents me from giving too many details, I thought it would be an appropriate time to get some reader feedback. Why? Topics, and to take advantage of the unique situation I am in to answer questions and hopefully dispell myths / disinformation.

So, having said that I ask two questions. First, I would like to compile a list of maybe the 5 essential entries in this blog and post the links to he right. That way the new readers won't have to sort through the entire blog to find the gems. Please post the title of whatever entries you feel should appear on that list.

Second, there is so much that I have yet to discuss simply because I am uncertain what civilians, especially Americans, find interesting, curious, suspect, or inspiring. I am asking all readers to submit via email or by comment, any / all questions or topics they would like me to discuss.

To accomplish these ends, I am going to drop the comment posting restrictions temporarily to allow those without blogger accounts to post. I will stay on top of the comments as best I can to eliminate the inevitable spam that precipitated my move to posting restrictions. Also, feel free to email me if you are uncomfortable posting publicly. My email can be discerned by viewing my profile, finding what is listed under Contact, and putting it all together. That is my IM as well as email info.

I hope to hear from you all soon.



Blogger mattandriver said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but the milk video tops my list.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

" take advantage of the unique situation I am in to answer questions and hopefully dispel myths / disinformation".

I think it would be a great idea because you seem to be pretty good at misinformation yourself. I think it is a pity that you have NO knowledge of Iraq before the illegal occupation. As an English woman married to an Iraqi and lived in Iraq since 1966 I find your comments laughable. For example your picture of Iraqi school girls, I can assure you that would NOT have been a "rare site before we got here" it was quite the norm. Women in Iraq are extremely well educated in fact within my husband's family you would find doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. The sad thing is many have had to flee the country since the invasion, some stuck it out until recently but now find the situation intolerable. Your pictures of power lines does nothing to prove evidence of reconstruction, lets face it you bombed the existing ones so it is your duty to replace them. While I am on that subject it is also your duty to restore ALL the other infrastructure you destroyed.

In a speech before the 2003 invasion Bush said "If the Iraqi President and his generals take innocent life and if they destroy infrastructure, they will be held accountable as war criminals". I would assume this should also apply to Bush and his generals!!!

When are you going to get it into your heads Iraq was no threat to the US, had no WMD's and had nothing to do with 9/11? You are NOT the good guys. You are committing war crimes, killing innocent women and children and using despicable weapons such as depleted uranium and the new napalm (slang they call it Willy Pete) the technical name is white phosphorus.You have been lied to, you are there for OIL, control of the region and to line the pockets of Bush and his cronies. Please leave, I like many others want to return to my home in Baghdad but not when Iraq is occupied by foreign troops.

Blogger Dorman said...

and you show your Baghdad = Iraq elitist ignorance yourself ma'am. Apparently when we bombed Iraq we turned the plush ranch houses into mu huts because in My non-Baghdad location, that's all there is. Cool bomb that can re-architect an entire country.

Funny, if Iraq was so prime before we got here then why were they needing our help against Iran? Why weren't the Nobel Prize winners from Iraq? Frankly, Iraq has been a 2nd rate ghetto since its hayday as the Cradle of Civilization.

I want to leave, don't think for a minute that I enjoy being in this country. I don't agree with everything going on either, but to call my opinions laughable is to show the shortcomings of the stupid elitists that have been arising with an irregular amount of self-righteousness.

Here's a can now and could have before taken care of yourselves and your problems. Why are we still here? Because apparently Iraqis can't step up and take over their own country. I've seen the ING and IP, they're laughable but brave. I respect their courage but the skills get them killed.

My pictures of powerlines do, you intend to be this ignorant? They were not there 3 months ago. Reconstruction in my area has been little and suspect. Maybe you should get your attitude out of Baghdad and into the country as a whole. Oh, don't like Iraq now? Go back to civilization in the UK....o wait, muslim bombers there too. Damn, can't escape it.

Do whatever you can to get me home. Otherwise criticize your weak, yet loud mouthed countrymen for not taking control.

Blogger Dorman said...

Oh, and Iraq was so magnificent that all the native Iraqi bloggers and people I know must remain somewhat anonymous for fear of the true threat of being whom? Other Iraqis. Funny this criticism was posted as anonymous too.

The illusions seem real.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how you don't get stuff like this when one has to put a name or profile to a comment.

Remember this is only ONE persons perspective. I find it interesting that lawyers, engineers and doctors have fled the country. Perhaps for better opportunities since Saddam is no longer lining pockets?

Blogger mattandriver said...


Thank you for your incite. If you have lived in Iraq for so many years, you know what Iraq was and is today. Having said this, you are a true hypocrite! I've been to the middle east. I spent time in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Iran and Saudi Arabia. I've seen the nothingness in the area. I do not speak for our president (GWB), I speak for the billions of average Americans. The U.S. has been coming to the need of the rest of the world for years. We are a so called "Super Power". Every time another country in this world of ours has an issue, or a need, we are expected to be there, and we are. How much help has your pathetic country lent to others? If you are so educated, then you can open a history book answer the question.

Our reasons for being involved in this so called "illegal occupation" of YOUR country may be more than what it seems from my prospective, that I will give you. But, I almost guarantee you that in 20 years, when the truth comes out about this time of war, YOUR country will be known for what you are showing me today...... Fill in the blank as you will.


Blogger mattandriver said...

Oh, and in the U.S., you don't have to be Anonymous. Only by choice.... How about you?

Blogger Dorman said...

Iraq was and is a beacon of women's and civil rights in todays world. Always was. I now see that. (Sarcasm added).

Blogger SpiderLord said...

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Blogger SpiderLord said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger SpiderLord said...

You should have seen the fire works in OIF I. As much fun as the uranium depleted rounds and this "napalm" you are talking about anonymous, its not as fun compared to an MLRS. (Multiple Launch Rocket System) I think that's what it means, its also known as "grid buster or daisy cutter." It gets to a certain altitude and then it blows apart releasing hundreds of tiny grenade like explosives. One of these babies can take out an entire gird square on a 1:50000 map. I believe thats 1000 square meters.

God Bless America

Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Again Dorman, you've been hijacked! I'm going to have to go back through your archives and find my favorite, er, discussions.

Blogger brainhell said...

I'd like to hear about how you chose to sign up, and what your experience was BEFORE Iraq. Then I'd like to hear about the thoughts you had as the war appeared more likely. And about your post-military plans.

Blogger Dorman said...

can do.

Blogger Robert Chase said...

How about the claim from republicans that the dissent in Aerica over the war only aids the insurgents?

Blogger Robert Chase said...

That is supposed to read 'America'


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