Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Quick Note about Registration and Comments

There has been some hesitation to post comments because of the required registration. I would like to clarify a few things and encourage anyone with a valuable comment to please do so. Blogger has just changed how the comments work and you now can post without registering. If you wish to register, I make no money from anyone's registration. This blog is not intended to produce revenue for me. As I am in the Army, it is against regs for me to do so.

Having said that, since I have been deployed many friends and family have asked what they could send me that I need or how they could help me out in any way. In response to that, I have links to the right for anyone interested in throwing a few dollars my way for necessities. I also have a Froogle Wishlist is just that, a wish list. Some of the things on there I could seriously use in my job, some are just fun, and some I really need. But don't take it too seriously. Thank you to everyone that reads my blog and sends the web address to others. I do this with the satisfaction that others are enjoying it.


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