Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Remodeled Web Site

Yes folks, I liked the old style for my photography site but it was too limiting in what content I could fit into it, so we all pitched in and did some site remodeling. This is the new look and feel for Die Strafbar Photography which is so much more flexible.

Besides just the superficial changes, we have added some new features: The Discussion Area is more robust that had been before. I am excited just for that! My hopes are to draw in local artists or anyone else that is interested in photography as a hobbyist or a professional.

There is also a section, which is now the focus of further development, that provides access to downloading free digital versions of my work or purchasing prints/books.

I hope everyone enjoys the new site structure and joins in to make the discussion area and interesting and edifying as I hope it to. Remember, we do not advertise - no ads ever on our site!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Pondering mortality

Pondering mortality
Originally uploaded by Die Strafbar
Took a tour of Pennsylvania's Coal Region yesterday. Outside Centralia, there is a coal hill that covers a lot of unmapped area between roads. While 4x4'ing the XTerra on one of these remote rocky paths, we came upon this memorial, apparently for a young boy that died. The marker was surprisingly well kept despite its location. Toys surrounded the homemade cross and cherubs; army men, hotwheels, etc. Quite a surreal finding.

That darkening sky was a storm headed our way, provided astounding contrast with the blazing sun at my back.

This photo can also be seen and discussed in the Discussion section of my new website: Die Strafbar Photography.