Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Let's Roll!

So, last weekend I made a pilgramage to Shanksville, PA. Me, my kids, the future wife and the future in-laws were headed to a family reunion that took us right past the site. I have been to Disneyland before and let me just say that the only difference is that there are men in mice costumes at Disney.

The place is an obvious front and a joke. I was tense before we pulled in because I knew I wouldn't tolerate the ignorance of he sheep watching the puppet show or the blind patriotism that this Bush administration marketing campaign has evoked. I held my tongue as long as possible while some talking head spewed propaganda that any thinking person could see right through. For instance, she showed the crowd a brilliantly clear photo of the mushroom cloud caused by the supposed crash. The photo was taken on the other side of a red barn / building and had no stem, just a ball of smoke in the air. The only buildings nearby are the farm about a half mile away and the town about 3 miles or more away. Pretty good time to have a high quality camera as a farmer I would say! Or walking through Shanksville and hearing a "terrible rumble" to turn and get that photo as quickly and expertly as whomever did is mind boggling at the odds. Not to mention that a mushroom cloud caused by a firey, fuel-fed crash of an airplane would have continued to burn after impact for a little while and created a noticeable stem from the ground to the poof. Coincidentally there is a strip-mine operation right on those same fields that would obviously use explosives to clear rocks. That smoke ball was obviously created by a single, quick explosion much smaller than that of a trans-continental plane.

As I made obvious questions to this aloud, Andrea being prepared for this, came over to encourage me to go to the car. As I turned to go the talking head made mention that the
"terrorists allowed the passengers to use their cell phones". Odd statement to make, to which I replied loudly, "cell phones do not work on airplanes even today! When was the last time you were able to use a cell on a plane!?" Andrea succeeded in pulling me away from the questioning crowd before the Secret Service jumped out from behind the port-o-potty.

What I did see: a flag 1/2 mile away in a field next to ditch, no gulley, nothing. You aren't allowed to get any closer for some obvious reasons. I saw a list of made-up names of people and crew who allegedly died in that field. Has anyone checked these names and verified? I also saw a bunch of sheep with throats open.....