Monday, April 17, 2006

Tactical Strategic Projectile Physics Excercise

Or as we called it when we were kids...Swedish Dodgeball.

What the heck does this have to do with anything? Well, Bob just left yesterday and we had a conversation about him being a Gym Teacher. I've always teased him about it because he maintains he is a "physical education teacher". But then we got into a discussion about what gym teachers teach vs what PE teachers teach. According to him, he can't teach dodgeball in school anymore because it "has no educational value". But somehow teaching pushups to 3rd graders does. This is a battle of symantics on the surface but the reality is that dodgeball was removed from the public school educational system several years ago because it was deemed too violent. These were probably the same groups of intelligencia that forced us to have the Washington Wizards now instead of the old Bullets.

I maintained that Swedish Dodgeball is indeed educational and that he could easily slip it into his lesson plans by giving it a Politically Correct and thus blandly complicated name to describe it. Looking at it this way, one could justify the teaching of real-world physics by the use of man-powered projectiles with intent on calculating the correct vector to intersect a moving target. Besides, when assessing the amount of violence present in either culture, I must contend that those dodgeball geniuses in Sweden are a much more peaceful, non-violent, and beautiful culture. Maybe it is because they learn appropriately to take out their aggressions in harmless ways, like dodgeball.

As for me, yes I realize that my posting has been very infrequent. Truth is my life has been boring, frustrating, and disappointing. I am still rebuilding. But to rebuild I must first sort through the rubble. That seems to be taking much longer than I expected.

As an outlet, I have been sinking myself deeper into my photography. Please take a peek at my collections on the Flickr website. The latest ones I am very proud of. If you like them, please pass the link around, I'd like to get some exposure. I have even talked with a local photo studio to get pointers, see their process, and have my previous pics critiqued. I didn't do so bad in Herr Koch's opinion. Other reason is that his daughter catches my eye ;)

But anyway, I have consciously decided to NOT watch the news, not think of Iraq, not think of America. I just can't anymore. The thoughts of Iraq are becoming unsettled to me. I didn't realize how much I was effected but as time goes on, things surface. A fighter jet circled the sky the other day here doing training....gun fire at the local Rod & Gun Club....

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well, Less Boring .....

So hop on over to Bob's Blog to read about our hijinx. All I can say is my face is busted up courtesy of the 4 friendly Labrynth Secirity Nazis.